Friends in St. Francisville, Louisiana CLICK LEFT: What's happening in Louisiana's historic town of St. Francisville; where time slows just enough to enjoy the simple pleasures and unique treasures. Essays, blurbs, observations and photos from a small southern town with charm, history and friendship.
Saint Francisville and East & West Feliciana parishes have ideal real estate for country living with convenience to a large city, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In our Real Estate section you will find listings; homes, commercial properties, camps and farmland, for sale, rent or lease. Areas include Jackson, Clinton, Wakefield, Lake Rosemound and the rest of the Felicianas. The Auto & Things section includes automobiles, farm equipment, ATVs & RVs, boats and trailers. For the traveler, our website offers information on restaurants, antique shops, historic churches, gardens, plantation homes, lodging and bed & breakfast. Feliciana residents take pride in our pleasant way of life, quality school system, history and natural beauty. We invite you to experience our treasure by visiting or moving into our small quaint communities.

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